We provide systematic indoor anti-collision materials and furniture
Wall Padding for Prisons, Jails &Corrections
China manufacturer Customize Padding for Prisons
Material: Environmentally friendly polyethylene foam cotton
Customize Wholesales Padding for correction
Material: Fireproof glass wool
One Stop Solution Padding for Jails
Material: Environmentally friendly polyethylene foam cotton
Safety Factory Price Paded Prisons Cells
Material: Fireproof glass wool
Another application
Customized cinema wall sound-absorbing panels and soft wall pads
Material: Owens Corning cotton + premium faux leather
GYM wall padding
Material: Fireproof glass wool
Anti-collision furniture
Why Choose US
Factory is large
Big machine
New technology production
Professional production team
Product performance is superior, quality is guaranteed
One-to-one service
Efficient anti-collision Green and environmentally friendly Safety and fire protection Sound absorption and sound insulation Beautiful decoration
If you call us for consultation, you will be sent a free sample and color card.
Select the most suitable and practical materials for you in detail
Free planning of construction and installation plans
One-on-one guidance for installation.
Youyinhui factory uses emerging science and technology to process and produce materials to ensure fast and high-quality production of products, with no errors in product specifications and no color difference.
Youyinhui’s production team are all professionals with rich experience
Youyinhui has a factory area of more than 6,000 square meters, focusing on the research, development and production of new environmentally friendly decorative materials such as anti-collision, sound insulation and sound absorption, Class-A Flame Retardant Pads for building decoration.
Guangzhou Youyinhui Building Materials Co., Ltd
About us
Guangzhou Youyinhui Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a new acoustic building materials manufacturer specializing in the production and research and development of sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, anti-collision and flame-retardant materials. It is the main supplier of wall materials for public security agencies in mainland China and the designated partner of many movie theater chains. , we provide professional supporting renovation design and engineering installation services. Our main products include: anti-collision and flame-retardant materials for public security and law enforcement, sound-absorbing and flame-retardant materials for cinemas, and anti-collision and flame-retardant materials for kindergartens.

Public Security Bureau anti-collision wall padded case
One stop solution wall padded for Correctional, Healthcare, Education
Discipline Inspection Commission wall padded case
Factory price, fast lead time, one stop solution, one to one design
News and Knowledge
Padded walls serve several purposes, depending on the context and the type of padding used. Here are some common functions:Safety and Impact Protection: In environments like gyms, sports facilities...
Wall padding can be made from various materials depending on its intended use. Here are some common materials used for different types of wall padding:Fiberglass Insulation: Made from fine glass fi...
The padding in walls is commonly referred to as insulation. Insulation is used to reduce heat transfer, enhance energy efficiency, and improve acoustic performance in buildings. There are various t...
Padded rooms are typically made of materials designed to provide cushioning and impact absorption. The specific materials used can vary depending on the intended use of the padded room and the leve...
Padded cells are padded to protect individuals who may be at risk of harming themselves or others. The soft padding absorbs impact, reducing the risk of injury.Padded cells are often used in psychi...
Padded cells, also known as padded rooms or seclusion rooms, are still used in some psychiatric hospitals and facilities, although their use has become less common in recent years.Padded cells are ...
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