Customized cinema wall sound-absorbing panels and soft wall pads

Product name cinema wall sound-absorbing panels
Material Owens Corning cotton + premium faux leather
Surface finish Wall anti-collision material
Standard szie 600*600*25mm, 600*1200*25mm
Thickness 25/50MM
Color option 48 color option

Scope of use of soft-packed sound-absorbing panels in cinemas

Used in various high- and medium-level decoration places that require sound quality design: hotels, restaurants, offices, cinemas, theaters, gymnasiums, recording studios, studios, conference halls, dance halls, gyms, exchanges, business halls, karaoke rooms, Bowling alley, speech studio, rehearsal hall, hospital, library, station waiting room, restaurant, audition room, home theater, etc.

Product Specification 1: Sound-absorbing soft bag

Structure: Plastic frame, resin-cured frame, aluminum alloy frame or wooden frame is placed with non-combustible microporous special sound-absorbing cotton board, covered with fire-proof sound-absorbing cloth or flame-retardant leather.

Thickness selection: 25mm/50mm

Specifications: 600*600 1200*600 600*800 (Special specifications are used for corners, in millimeters)

Flame retardant level: B1 level flame retardant.

Sound absorption coefficient: above 0.95 (no echo within three seconds)

Product specification 2: Environmentally friendly sound-absorbing soft board

Thickness: 9mm/12mm

Flame retardant level: B1 level

Sound absorption coefficient: about 0.9 (in line with the sound absorption standards of theater sound-absorbing materials)


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